Making agility tangible - with impulses and experiences in seminars and trainings

Are you looking for a way to provide your employees with an agile mindset and support their development into an agile team?


Maybe you would like to introduce agile methods, but don't know what this might look like in your company?


Do you want to

  • gain an overview of agile values and methods for yourself and your team
  • get new impulses on topics such as self-organisation and agile leadership?

Agile Seminars and Trainings

My seminars and trainings are about experiencing agility in a playful and creative way: If you’re new to the agile journey, I’ll give you an insight into the goals of agile work and the methods that will support you on your way.


If you’ve been agile working for a while, I give impulses to try new things and help you and your team to advance and empower yourself with creative methods.


As an agile coach I make thinking for yourself a priority in my trainings and bring you a step closer to your goal: an agile team that communicates with flat hierarchies at eye level.


We develop the concept for your training together so that it fits the requirements of your team and your company exactly.

Possible contents could be:


  • Creating awareness for agile values • Agile Leadership Training
  • Self-organisation for agile teams
  • Experiencing agility in a playful way • Vision Workshops
  • Scrum Basic Trainings
  • Mindful & open communication


Let’s make sure you have all the methods you need for agile working!




By Nadine Schwarz


76437 Rastatt

Tel: +49 157 580 70 249