Spotlight on people.

Are you facing a big change and don’t know what the next step should look like?


Would you like to learn how to lead yourself even better as a manager or as an entrepreneur?


I can help you get more clear about what you want and get started with concrete tips. My goal is to empower people to grow and develop their potential. I enjoy working with teams, but also with individuals who are ready for change.

Coach for self-management and personal responsibility

I am Nadine Schwarz, "Die Transformerin" and have been working as a self-employed agile coach since 2019.


In individual or team coaching sessions I’ll work with you on:

  • promoting personal responsibility
  • identifying potential
  • rethinking leadership

"Self-management means being the conductor of your own inner orchestra."

Friedemann Schulz von Thun

From project manager to agile coach

I, too, have fought my way through the ups and downs of the project manager jungle in large corporations for years.


As an IT project manager, I managed projects the classical way until I came across agile project management purely by chance. I was immediately enthusiastic about the agile methods and the rest is history.


I trained as a Scrum Master and from then on accompanied teams on their way to self-organisation.


One of my favorite projects was a large SAP project in which 13 teams developed code in parallel. The teams had never worked agile before and I was able to accompany them through this huge transformation. It was great to see how people get moving together when they pursue a common goal.


But I wanted more. I wanted to grow further myself and get to know even more different coaching approaches.


From my training as a business coach with ICF certificate, I took with me a large toolbox of coaching methods. But I also applied all this knowledge to my own life and finally reached the conclusion to become self-employed.


Today I’ve found my calling: I accompany people in their continuous development.

Why you came to the right place

As a coach, I specialise in two target groups that benefit particularly from my core strengths:

  • The development and advancement of teams in an entrepreneurial context
  • Accompanying individuals who want to find out WHO they are (identity coaching) and what they need to live a happy and content life.

Want to find out more?

My trainings and certificates at a glance

GPM Senior Project Manager, Level B

ICF Business Coach (PCC)

Agile roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner, SAFe Specialist

EMS Trainer, Group Fitness Trainer and Personal Fitness Trainer

More about me

When I was a child, I was in a theater club for years. Acting taught me how to speak in front of people, how to use emotions correctly and how to inspire others. And I discovered that I like being on stage ;-)


My love for dancing has been running through my whole life. I love to dance with my Salsa show group – it gives me so much energy to work on a new show together, to train and to celebrate a successful performance as a group.


The Salsa hobby goes hand in hand with another passion of mine: traveling. Fortunately, the two can be combined very well and so I get to know people from all over the world at international dance conventions and can visit them there.


Would you like to work with me?



By Nadine Schwarz


76437 Rastatt

Tel: +49 157 580 70 249