About me

It all started with me being a classic project manager working for a huge corporate company while getting slowly introduced to the world of agile project management. In agile project management you focus on people and on their continuous improvement.

Fortunately, my purpose what drives me in live is empowering people and I enjoy working with them rather than spending time in front of a PC.


So I realized not just while working but as well in my hobbies there is one continues factor which is everywhere. Dancing, acting, playing instruments, my passion for traveling and getting to know different cultures. So what do they all have in common? PEOPLE. And that's my real passion.


I am holding a Master’s degree in International Event Managment and a Bacherlor’s degree in International Business and over several years working as a certified project manager, scrum master, agile coach in corporate companies while helping project teams to achieve their visions and goals and introducing them to new ways of work.

During that time I developed highly effective skills in coaching, conflict and change management as well as gathering experience in training teams in agile project management methodologies.


In a team it’s all about the “We” so focusing on continuous improvement is my way of working with teams.

But a team is just as strong as the weakest person of it. So I as well enjoy individual identity coaching where I focus on helping a person finding their drive or purpose in life.


Beside my corporate job I am a certified Fitness instructor and a passionate salsa artist and teacher. Since 2014 I manage with a group of people a non profit dance school, trying to bring the joy of dance to the world. There are actually a lot of values which you learn in group or partner dancing which can be adapted to teams in companies.


I specialize in:

  • Transformation Coaching for teams
  • Agile Coaching
  • Identity Individual Coaching




  • certified ICF Business Coach (ACC)
  • certified in agile project management roles
  • certified as a senior project manager (GPM)
  • certified EMS Trainer and PT, fitness instructor
  • Bachelor and Masters degree in International Management