My offer for individuals seeking company on their personal journey to change

You’re facing an important decision and don’t know how to approach it?


You want to become more daring and come out of your shell?


Are you frustrated because your professional situation no longer fits just right?


Are you wondering whether this is it or whether there is more to come?

What if you

  • had a companion during your time of change
  • got clarity about your goals and wishes
  • shook off old beliefs that have been holding you back?

Accompanying you on your journey towards change

In my individual coaching sessions we will find out together what your goals are and how to get there.


I support you by


  • removing the question marks in the head
  • helping you overcome obstructive beliefs
  • discovering your potential with you
  • challenging you to become more daring
  • enabling you to get clarity about your goals

"When I came to Nadine, I didn't know what I wanted. But together we quickly realized I actually do know, but that I lack the courage to stand up for my goals. Nadine has helped me to stand up for what I really want. She has a charisma that simply carries you away.


Even just talking to her, you get the impression that the problems burdening you suddenly become lighter. Nadine didn't let up and did everything she could to make sure that I get the most out of my coaching sessions. That's what impressed me the most with her. Good coaching is one thing, but if you're looking for a coach who can help you personally while also inspiring you, Nadine is the right person for you.


I have received so many great impulses from her that I hadn't even thought of before. And because of her courage, I too was finally brave enough to put my goals into action. As a coach for anything personality or identity-related I can recommend her 100%.“



Looking for a change?

Find your own way – with my help

My personal goal is to help other people be happy. In my opinion, this includes a clear understanding of your own path. No matter what it looks like, it must above all suit you and your way of life.


In my coaching sessions I want to inspire you in finding your personal happiness factor. That thing that ignites a spark in you and makes your eyes shine.


It makes me really happy to see people grow and do things they never dreamed of doing before.

We should work together if you

  • want to take life into your own hands
  • are looking to change something
  • accept impulses and ideas from other people
  • would like a companion for your next steps

 Did this get you exited?

How it works

Per video call

In my experience, individual coaching sessions work wonderfully via video call. I prefer to use Zoom.

Free initial call

In the free initial consultation, the main aim is to get to know each other and to see whether we’re on the same wavelength. We’ll discuss your goals and work out together how many sessions are the right amount. Depending on your goals, one session may be sufficient or 5-10 sessions may be necessary.

Coaching Sessions

My motto is helping you to help yourself. I’ll provide you with impulses and ideas to help you get there in every coaching session.

Depending on your goals, we work with vision boards, meditation journeys or I help you ask yourself the right questions.


Want to get started now?

There is a question in your head and you are struggling to find the fitting answer? This package is right for you if you seek a quick coaching session with fresh impulses to solve your challenge.


This package includes:

  • 1 hour (online) coaching session concerning your specific topic 






Your invest: 260€ excl. VAT.

You want to make a decision concerning a certain topic and you don't have a clue how to proceed. If you are looking for some guidance and clarity, then this package will fit.



This packages includes:

  • 3 hours (online) coaching sessions concerning your decision making 
  • documentation of your sessions
  • E-Mail Support between the sessions




Your invest: 750€ excl. VAT.

"Is this already all or what's in it for me?" Are you looking for an answer to this question? Then this package is the right one for you. I guide you through your own journey to fulfillment and success.


This packages includes:

  • 5 hours (online) coaching sessions for finding your own path to success
  • documentation of your sessions
  • E-Mail Support between the sessions
  • homework with new impulses



Dein Invest: 1.250€ zzgl. Mwst.



By Nadine Schwarz


76437 Rastatt

Tel: +49 157 580 70 249